"Why do I need to size?"

just like shoes, pants, shirts, and everything else every finger has a size! sizes ensure a perfect fit that is not too big or not too small! it allows getting the most of what you pay for! ever see a nail set that just catches your eye and you for sure want the beautiful design on your ring finger? sizing helps make sure exactly that happens! 

"How come you dont offer refunds?"

" How do I know what shape and length I want?" 

on the page named "Shape chart" You can see a compariosn in shape and length of all that is offered! 

" How come shipping feels like it takes forever?"

"how do I size?"

sizing is a whole lot easier than you think! and there are multiple ways to do it!

scroll on the home page until you see the heading "nail size chart" it also lists the three things you can size!

the first way: the tape and ruler way, how to use this method can be found on the home page under the nail size chart header or can be found In the Instagram highlight selection named "Sizing for nails"

the second way: click the shop and purchase a size kit under the size kit section of the shop!

the third way: going back to the nail size chart section of the home page and estimating with our standard size chart! listing sizes like extra-large, large,medium,small and extra-small! 

every single nail set I make is customed to you! even when you pick out a premade design and even sizes! every set is made with my time, created with high-quality products, and materials! when things are made custom they are made just for you! there is no other use to them other than being yours:)

to be honest with you I have no idea, since November of 2020 Mail delays seems to have swept the nation. what has caused it I have no idea, all orders are shipped within 30 days (At most) since the initial order date and then received in an estimate of  3-7 days, sometimes it is faster, some times it is a little longer. when and or If there are problems with orders I do contact the customer and explain whatever issue has risen! if you have not gotten an email from me, then no need to worry as your order is moving right along as planned!

"I'm Emailing and getting no response"

Cici's Nails is a one person operation.

during busy seasons I tend to shut down emails and not be as active on social media to put the effort into existing orders. this is a good thing. If I have not emailed you then your order is going along swimmingly! even if it's taken a bit longer than normal

as of early October the supply-demand chain has started being packed up, this mostly affects my shipping supplies. the boxes, packaging, mailers, etc. 

delayed orders are still shipped as soon as completed! 

* this delay is really effecting advent calendars, such large orders require large and certain packaging! 6 orders with asap shipping have gone out successfully, others go out as packing supplies arrives! :)